Smart TV for a tenner

A GADGET for £9.99 that turns normal tellies into “smart TVs” is being launched by Sky.

It will let millions link their sets to the internet to enjoy catch-up services such as BBC iPlayer.

They can also access apps including Facebook.

Despite an explosion in smart TVs — which have apps like smartphones — there are still up to 50 million regular sets in the UK that can’t connect to the net.

Sky’s Now TV Box — the size of a beer mat and an inch high — links up to home wi-fi. Until now many families have had limited options to watch catch-up services on telly. They can plug in an Xbox or PlayStation or a stand-alone set top box — but these are pricey.

Sky hopes its gizmo will encourage more families to try out its pay-as-you-go service Now TV — which lets people watch its movies and sport without a subscription.

The new box is due to be announced today at Sky’s annual results. It can be purchased from — or from major stores by autumn.

GOOGLE launched a £25 gadget in the US that lets users watch or listen to content from phones or tablet on TV. Source:

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